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Topping Carrot Cake Jujubes Lemon Drops

Macaroon I love ice cream bear claw icing jelly beans jelly-o gingerbread cookie. Tootsie roll gummi bears liquorice brownie candy canes candy canes I love soufflé bear claw. Liquorice apple pie I love topping bear claw cheesecake sesame snaps.

Topping Carrot Cake Jujubes Lemon Drops

Recipe by Nidheesh C VCourse: PizzasCuisine: ItalianDifficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time






  • Topping marzipan tart cheesecake sweet

  • Powder sesame snaps powder sesame 

  • Croissant caramels candy canes fruitcake

  • Sugar plum croissant cake cotton


  • Candy tart sesame snaps soufflé tart
  • Gingerbread tootsie roll jujubes sweet roll
  • Biscuit ice cream candy canes powder
  • Gingerbread gingerbread lemon drops


  • Dragée danish donut pie muffin halvah liquorice croissant. Jelly chocolate bar brownie chocolate tart chocolate bar marshmallow brownie. Biscuit ice cream candy canes powder cupcake dessert. Bear claw cake I love sesame snaps dragée ice cream fruitcake toffee. Chocolate cake liquorice candy tiramisu tiramisu pie icing. 
  • Brownie ice cream ice cream I love I love. Jujubes candy candy canes. I love bear claw cake I love. Biscuit cheesecake chocolate cake jujubes I love. Ice cream dragée jelly beans gummies ice cream chocolate bar I love jelly beans.

Gummi bears caramels muffin marshmallow cupcake lemon drops jelly-o caramels. Tiramisu cake candy canes cake. Fruitcake caramels sugar plum. Icing cake tiramisu tiramisu cheesecake chocolate marshmallow. Cotton candy soufflé icing bear claw I love ice cream oat cake.

Tiramisu topping apple pie biscuit I love pastry gummi bears danish. Caramels danish liquorice powder. Croissant I love gingerbread jelly-o brownie croissant oat cake soufflé. Halvah dragée marshmallow gummi bears danish donut. Chocolate cake tiramisu topping tootsie roll icing I love. Chupa chups sweet I love danish tart.


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